From Idea to Reality...An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Meaningful Business Growth

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About the Book
A guide to give entrepreneurs clarity, focus, and an action plan for growth. This book includes the best tips, advice, recommendations, and cutting-edge ways to structure a brand for success. It delves into digital marketing details and promotional strategies for sales with an incredibly thoughtful approach to building a sustainable business.

Encapsulating Real-World Business Advice
This book is packed with Jean Paul’s professional experience and expertise. It is a true collaboration as well, with insights from many ambitious and intelligent professionals who are involved daily in the real world of business and marketing development and are already helping entrepreneurs navigate their way to success.

An experienced business strategist, Jean Paul, wishes he had this book when he first started building his business. It is written to help those that might feel frustrated, restricted, and doubtful that they can get started. From Idea to Reality imparts a sense of freedom and hope for the reader and an inspiring message that they can succeed with the right steps.

For the Dreamers Who Are Driven
This book is the solution to getting your business idea off the ground for as America’s celebrity business strategist and investor, Mark Cuban, explains, turning “ideas” into reality is an entrepreneur’s biggest challenge. “Ideas are the easy part; it is the execution of the ideas that is difficult.”

Encouraging and empowering, From Idea to Reality helps the reader with expert guidance as is the most concise and precise business and strategy book available today.

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