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Week 1: Introduction PAGE-05
Week 2: Introducing You! And Your Superpowers PAGE-06
Week 3: Discovering Your Most Powerful Motivations PAGE-07
Week 4: Leaving Your Doubts and Fears Behind PAGE-08
Week 5: A Fresh Look at Your Biggest Interests PAGE-09
Week 6: Breaking the Box: How to Solve Old Problems in New Ways PAGE-10
Week 7: Sharing Your Passion and Purpose, Part I PAGE-11
Week 8: Sharing Your Passion and Purpose, Part II PAGE-12
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Building Confidence and Purpose
Through Self-Discovery

An Inspiring Program That Helps Middle Graders Succeed in School and Life

We give our children all we can. But as they get older, even that’s not quite enough. Middle graders need the support of their families, but they also need to start learning who they are in the world. How to achieve their dreams and how to steer clear of distractions. How to stand for what they believe in and how to counter the urge to abandon those beliefs.

Some of a child’s success can be measured by high grades, athletic achievement, and contributions to after-school activities. But even middle graders who meet the highest expectations set by teachers, parents, and community may be missing something — namely their own reasons for setting challenging benchmarks and exceeding them.

To lead successful lives, children require their own sense of purpose that combines the values they’ve learned at home with their own unique interests and talents. That sense of purpose isn’t inborn. It has to be earned. Bestselling author and business consultant Jean Paul Paulynice can help middle graders do just that.

Jean Paul has developed a unique, powerful, and inspiring program of workshops that helps children build their own foundation for a purposeful life at home, at school, and in the community. Over the course of eight one-hour workshops, participants learn the skills and habits of mind they’ll need to lead poised, principled, purposeful lives.

Middle graders already receive plenty of advice. Unlike other motivational seminars, this program doesn’t add to the confusion by lecturing participants and expecting them to follow along. Jean Paul developed each workshop to help each participant unearth their own purpose and motivations, as well as new interests.

Based on Jean Paul’s book, It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! Your Journey to Self-Discovery, the program balances weekly meetings with guided exercises that students complete on their own time between workshop sessions. By the program’s end, they will have a healthy sense of pride based on their own unique skills and interests, and will be prepared to build successful lives at home, at school, and beyond.

Why Should I Enroll My Child?

  • The program’s unique student-centered format keeps students engaged and delivers powerful, lasting results.
  • While you’ll never stop caring and worrying for your child, this series will provide you peace of mind in knowing that your student will enter high school confidently and ready to take on the world.
  • Children with a strong sense of purpose make better decisions and enjoy greater success.
  • Self-awareness is critical to personal happiness and lifelong success: the World Health Organization even named it as one of the five basic life skills that are relevant across all cultures.

Cultivating Enthusiasm

This program is about more than meeting goals set by teachers, parents, or coaches. It’s about nurturing the self-confidence and self-direction that help children reach and meet those goals on their own terms, and to set and achieve impressive goals for themselves.

Simply put, passion and purpose develop wherever a child’s enthusiasm is ignited and encouraged. This workshop series does just that. Building Confidence and Purpose Through Self-Discovery helps them take all the support, encouragement, and occasional prodding we’ve given them over the years and use those things to create purposeful, principled lives.

Jean Paul created this workshop series specifically to help middle graders identify their abiding passions, and to use that knowledge to develop a strong, fruitful, and enduring sense of purpose. We’ll help your child stand confidently for the ideals you have instilled in them and the things that bring them the most joy. Once they do, they’ll have achieved a sense of purpose that will light the way from success to success through their school days and into their adult lives. As Forbes put it in a review of one of Jean Paul’s books, “You just need to supply the enthusiasm and willingness to learn.” Let Jean Paul take care of the rest.

For Parents

This workshop series is all about helping middle graders begin the transition from childhood to adult life, and that transition can be intimidating for children and parents alike. We encourage parents to talk with their children about the things they discuss in each workshop session, and about the directed activities they take home with them each week.

Parents who are interested in participating directly in the program may be invited to deliver brief presentations to the group.

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Jean Paul Paulynice is a business strategist, motivational coach, and bestselling author featured on prestigious platforms like Forbes, Inc., and more. He has a genuine passion for helping people build the lives of their dreams through personal growth and professional development.

In his book, It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! Your Journey to Self-Discovery, Jean Paul shares the story of how he overcame his struggles and challenges, inspiring readers to start living rewarding lives full of passion and purpose.

Born in Haiti and now residing in the Greater Boston area, Jean Paul is one of the country’s foremost African American motivational writers and speakers, with three books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In addition to It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! Your Journey to Self-Discovery, his books include From Idea to Reality: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Meaningful Business Growth and Become a Leader in Your Industry Using Social Media. In 2019, From Idea to Reality was featured as one of the Best Books for Startup Founders and First-Time Entrepreneurs by Forbes.

A valued mentor whose guidance has helped scores of businesses and individuals achieve their goals, Jean Paul seeks to provide the next generation with tools for building a purposeful life and a path to success. Jean Paul’s mission is to give middle graders an enduring source of hope. He accomplishes this through workshops, professional development, book resources, video courses, and a community of personal connections, mentors, and partners.

Jean Paul holds an MBA from Clark University with dual concentrations in Finance and Management Information Systems. He also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with dual concentrations in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

On a more personal note, Jean Paul is a grateful and loving husband and father and has built his own life on a strong foundation of spiritual strength and faith.