Your Journey to Self-Discovery

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If you are looking for motivational wisdom and authentic guidance so that you can live a life with meaning and purpose, It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! is your number one source for transformation. Reader, please take note, this is much more than a passive self-improvement book. This book will change your life.

It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! is required reading for anyone committed to increasing the quality of their life and the meaning of their existence.

Let’s be honest, most people want to do more with their lives. They need something that excites them, that fires up their soul. They want the joy of doing something that they would be excited to do every day, even without pay.

The first part of this book is filled with the honest and inspiring story of Jean Paul Paulynice, a business strategist holding an MBA in Finance & MIS; a motivational coach, and an inspirational leader. Jean Paul knows that true clarity comes from engagement in life, not just thinking about it. He will definitely challenge you to persist with his words of wisdom and examples of his own unique experience.

The second part of this book, your personal workbook, is designed to help you increase your self-awareness, clarify where you are in life right now, and discover how you can combine your talents, skills, and curiosity to build a life you love.

After reading It’s Time to Start Living with Passion!, you will be driven to transform your life and succeed to your utmost potential, because your dreams deserve to see the light of day.

This book provides a very lively, readable, inspiring account that will prove accessible and revealing to audiences who usually eschew weighty self-help reads. Its uplifting message is especially recommended for those who would transform their approaches to life using a roadmap that circumvents the common problems of effecting lasting change.

Diane Donovan

In his light, honest and engaging prose, Jean Paul Paulynice helps you to do some introspection so you can begin your path toward finding your passion and bliss in life. A very quick read, under fifty pages, It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! is a little morsel of goodness and wisdom that will help in your journey to self-discovery.

Mayra Calvani

After and in between revealing his passions, Jean Paul gives to the reader several ideas about what passion can be. Moreover, he’s sharing with the reader his favorite tools and a powerful exercise “ that can help you tap into your energies and figure out the source of your deepest joys.”  In a time when everyone stresses out because of lack of time, this book can be a savior. Even if it is a short read, it has enough of what needs to inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and ignites your passion and bliss in life.

M.C. Simon

It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! is a book that will encourage readers to learn self-discovery. Its motivating story will encourage those who find themselves unhappy with their own lives to take the necessary steps required for a positive change. This knowledge and guidance in this book are one that has the power to change a person’s life. I highly recommend it for someone who finds themselves trapped in a life where their true potential is not being utilized.

Suzie Housley

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